Cape Gooseberry Muffins

Physalis Muffins - Desire to eat

Cape Gooseberry Tarte Tatin

There are few fruits more beautiful and unusual looking than a cape gooseberry. Their tart sweetness is perfect in desserts, like this Cape Gooseberry Tarte Tatin from Eat and Dust!

Cape Gooseberry Cake

Delicious stewed gooseberries stirred into the cake batter add juicy bursts of tartness to every mouthful of this picture-perfect cake. Top it with a lavish spread of cream-cheese icing and a tumble of fresh gooseberries.

Gooseberry Crumble

Gooseberry crumble with vanilla custard

Gooseberry crumble with vanilla custard - Yuppiechef Magazine

Cape Gooseberry Meringue Pie

Although I'm not a fan of sweet things, this is a dish I just cannot resist. I adore Cape Gooseberries because they remind me of my childhoo.