Annemari Huizinga

Annemari Huizinga

Annemari Huizinga
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This circuit maximizes your workout efforts by making you stand up or drop down between each move. Every little bit counts!

The UPS and DOWNS circuit workoutdid this 3 times with a 30 second break in between. The up and down part made it a bit more challenging but none of my muscles felt challenged at the end of it

Or……put song on repeat and do this workout 4 or 5 times for a good cardio workout. copyright Erica Wadzinski ;)

One Song Workout - Icona Pop, I Love It Nothing like a little music to get you going when you don’t wanna workout. Today we’re gonna throw on Icona Pop’s ‘I Love It’ and do the exercises below for the.

Full Ab Workout

Looking for killer Abs. This amazing ab workout routine is one you can do from home. the best ab workout without equipment we can find online.

pictures with maps where they were taken! Soooo cute!

Placing pictures by a map of where they were taken. Maybe do not as big, smaller maps/pics and put on collage type frame. Or place two small pictures in one frame. Love for wedding/honeymoon/family vacays.