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What are the best foods for your African grey parrot? Find out in this article.

Find out everything you need to know about bird foods to feed your African grey parrots, from pellets, calcium-rich vegetables, fruits and bird seed.

Funny bird shirt with the graphic “Anatomy of an African Grey Parrot”. This is a pretty cute tee for pet lovers and is available in a bunch of men’s and women’s styles. #bird #outfit

The Ultimate African Grey Parrot Care Sheet: this is written in a really easy to read style but is packed full of invaluable information that you need to understand before you commit to the African Grey Parrot. A great resource, worth pinning and saving.

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Fantastic blue green orb of a reptilian eye. Curated for your pinning pleasure by

Being one of the largest geckos found on earth, Smith's Green-eyed Gecko (Gekko smithii), is also blessed with some very big, beautiful, blue-green eyes. These geckos reach lengths of 355 mm inches).