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Annelize Rudman

Annelize Rudman
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Top 30 Funny animal Memes Aww poor little cute one =( I choose you xp this is crazy!

(link) Fake or Real? ~ As you can see, someone has painstakingly made it appear that the spots on the horse spell “horse”. Do you see it now? View site for image of the actual horse compared to the photo shopped horse.

“average dalmatian has three spiders per coat” factoid actualy just statistical error. average dalmatian has 0 spiders per coat. Spiders Georg, who lives in firehouse and has over is an outlier adn should not have been counted” (via darth)

Watch your words to your children.

This is one most powerful images I have seen. Study it and clean up your for the sake of your children. Their Minds are Fragile, their emotions run deep. Don’t destroy them mentally because words. you can never take back

Why does my heart Feel so bad? Why does my soul Feel so bad? These open doors - Moby - El amigo Furbo

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A white apron sink set into a weathered wood base is given a fresh, current look with adjacent painted cabinets. Via Cottage and Vine. [this is the sink I want and if I had my way the rest of the kitchen would be 'weathered wood'.

Rocco the Black Lab.

Is it a coincidence whenever am this lonely I wish I had a puppy? Dogs are heaven sent! 😇 Black Lab puppy - definitely need a red collar