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Adorable and EASY Mother's Day project! Free!!! @ Soaring Through Second Grade

Soaring Through Second Grade: Adorable Mother's (or Father's!) Day Project using iPads and Big Words app. Pictures printed out and incorporated into cards.

How to make homemade dark chocolate truffles...Christmas gifts?

Easy truffle recipe - semi-sweet choc chips, heavy whipping cream almonds, cocoa Every woman needs this! How to make homemade dark chocolate truffles.

These are so easy to make! I've made two for baby shower gifts and they loved them! I even got crafty and made some bows! Plus i got wooden letters of the babies names and put it across the top!' All supplies can be bought at hobby lobby!

Baby Shower Activity (assuming the baby is a girl. lol) - A Hair Clip/Bow Making Station where there are supplies/embellishments for everyone to make a hair clip/bow for the baby. baby,baby shower,Crafts and Ideas,Crafty

I just started saving these bottoms, I already use the top for open food bags (see clever board.) The middle I cut in half length wise for domes over egg cartons for seeding. Left was the bottom "flower" was thinking about this.. and here it is. So happy!

One of the easiest paint designs your kids can do: Bottle Paint! Whether it's creating a single flower, or a vase of them or even a cherry blossom tree! This craft involves a few old bottles, paper, paint and you can let your kids run wild with it!