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Heidi van Rooyen
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Tip! When you experience negative signs you must do something instantly to dissolve the misfortune energy that you have encountered. If you are unhappy in a restaurant or a store clerk has mistreated you then just leave the shop. Symbolically to “stop” the negative energy you can wave you hand or clap three times. It’s a very simple thing to do.

If you are feeling too much negative low energy,like a dull dense energy dragging you down,open your windows.this will clear low stagnant energy.Place water around your home .this will collect bubbles if there is low energy.As water has healing po

witchofthunder: “““My home is protected” “Money enters my life with ease in abundance” “Work is not stressful” ” Some sigils that I’ve been using lately to help me out. Feel free to use! I haven’t used my tablet in so long, my hands and lines are.

How to use healing crystals to receive messages from your spirit guides

Meditating with a high vibrational stone, like Selenite, before bed is a sure fire way to enrich the dream state and receive intuitive messages. To read more visit- Pinned by The Mystic's Emporium on Etsy

Money Hand Wash Spell

Money Hand Wash Spell……Printable Spell Pages. Extremely powerful good money spell, Pagan wish spells that work instantly, Wicca spells for money and prosperity