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Finger tattoos are becoming a popular fashion statement around the globe. Most popular choice among finger tattoos is the ring finger tattoo.

wedding tattoo ring designs | Pin Wedding Rings Designs Unique ...

Wedding Ring Tattoo Designs Art hahaha hahaha yeah right cupples tattoos are the worst but the designs are solid


The ruling planet for Cancer is The Moon - feelings and unconscious. Find you personal Zodiac Sign Nature by Lord.

35 Simple Scorpio Tattoo Ideas | Scorpio Quotes

Check out these awesome Zodiac tattoo designs. If you're looking for the most amazing Scorpio tattoo designs, check out the designs

Scorpio tattoo

Scorpio tattoo

astrological/zodiac signs: the Elements • Earth / Water / Fire / Air • Earth: Taurus / Virgo / Capricorn • Water: Cancer / Scorpio / Pisces • Fire: Aries / Leo / Sagittarius • Air: Gemini / Libra / Aquarius • Earth: receptive / grounded / enduring / self-sufficient • Water: sensitive / feeling / flowing / tuned-in • Fire: direct / radiant / intuitive / excitable • Air: mental / communicative / curious / connective • infographic by

I've always felt connected with fire walking thru fire in my dreams while always dying in water even when shot falling in a puddle and slowly bleeding out but then starting the drowned everything becomes distant even voices in dream fade away to the black