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an open door with green plants growing on it
The Differences Between Golden Pothos and Heartleaf Philodendron
Living Curtain:: Pothos Plants (Epipremnum aureum) are easy to care for and will hang and climb as much as you let them.
several potted plants hanging from the side of a window
I call this my “plant curtain”
I call this my “plant curtain” : succulents
moss growing on the side of a wall next to a toilet in a room with white walls
Inspiration: Living Curtains
Inspiration: Living Curtains | Apartment Therapy | Check out these and other curtains that filter light, purify air, and add a gorgeous living artwork to your space.
many different types of plants are displayed on shelves
Tayla on Instagram: “& it’s Sunday 🌟 #runningoutofcaptions #plshelp”
several houseplants hanging from the ceiling above a table
This collection of Hoyas in @danaerolynhorst's sunny window is simply perfection. Her shop @foliacollective is about to move into a new space and we're so excited for them! A must visit the next time you're in LA. We post a new photo from #InteriorRewilding each week. Tag your indoor green oasis for a chance to be featured.
a room filled with lots of green plants on top of wooden floor next to a window
Houseplants: Bringing Your Home Decor to Life
Fiddle leaf figs, pothos, snake plant or succulent: Whatever your green thumb prefers, there's no question that a houseplant adds a lively touch to interior style. Check out these ideas for working houseplants into your own home decor.
some green plants are hanging from the ceiling
hanging plants
a green plant hanging from the side of a curtain
Ärter på tråd är årets krukväxt. Alla suckulenter ligger fortfarande högt på trendlistan – men topplatsen intas nu av Ärter på tråd – som dessutom, som en extra bonus, är luftrenande. / 10 gröna trender att hålla koll på 2017
a living room with blue walls and hanging plants
Large Rugs Archives
three hanging plants on a blue wall in front of a metal rack with two potted plants
A clever way to add hanging planters indoors.
a green plant hanging from the side of a wall
hanging plants string of pearls
a potted plant hanging from the side of a white wall next to a rope
How To Install A Wall Mounted TV
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a potted plant hanging from the side of a window
23 Most Beautiful Houseplants You Never Knew About
string of pearls is an easy-care succulent plant. It looks stunning in hanging baskets, trailing down. It is drought tolerant so you don’t need to water frequently, once in every other week would be enough.
a potted plant hanging from a window sill next to a white wall with an open window
44 DIY Hanging Plants Ideas for Your Home
some green plants are hanging from the ceiling
20+ Top Hanging Plants Tips! -
two hanging planters filled with green plants next to a white wall in a room
12 Ways to Step Up Your Living Room Decor
45 Truly Unique DIY Hanging Planters You Can Easily Make At Home
a white bath tub sitting next to a wooden chair in a bathroom with black and white flooring
40 Stunning Indoor Plants Decor Ideas For Your Apartment -
a living room filled with furniture and plants
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wide bathroom plant group ideas
an image of a table and chairs with potted plants on the wall behind it
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a kitchen sink under a window with plants growing out of the glass globes above it
Early Fall Kitchen Decor with Plants - Jennifer Rizzo
Green house plants as kitchen window decor
a living room filled with lots of plants on shelves next to a couch and coffee table
How to use plants as room dividers – Decor UK
Free standing shelves pot plants. Interior design tips using plants, faux and artificial from
three air plants are growing out of rocks
It's All About Air — Mark Kintzel Design
create a mild woodland setting, display miniature tropicalS or design a cute fairy garden using plants, curios and found objects, such as pebbles and sea glass. #closedterrariumideas, #terrariumideasforplants, #terrariumideaswithoutplants