Anneke Rogers

Anneke Rogers

Anneke Rogers
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DIY treat - freeze your guinea pig's or bunny's favorite fruit or veggie treat into ice cubes and give them as treats. This helps them cool down on summer days. Remember to always check with your vet before introducing human food to your pets.

DIY treat- put in the ice cube holder foods your pets likes to eat and is aloud to eat such as fruit and vegetables and then pour in cold water. Freeze in the freezer and then feed to your pet. Perfect for hot summer days to cool your pet off!

homemade rabbit waterers and feeders - smart idea

While they are simple exotic pets, they also need tender loving care so make sure to educate the child on how to take care of the rabbit.

Great DIY feeder for rabbit cages. Still needs a cover if used outside to prevent rainwater entering.

Great DIY feeder for guinea pig cages. needs a cover so they don't cut their lip on the sharp edges