I love you this much! This is real... If they change you, do not back you, if they turn you against family watch your step. He will mold you and at that moment you lost the real you! Don't get caught up in the fairy tale. Because if you loose the people that have your back it will be a long sad life!

Realization:Spending hours and hours making customers feel important day in and day out all over the country to simply exceed a sales quota was NOT worth neglecting these rules and consequently becoming disconnected with the ones i love. A new realization...go back to basics...its worth it...

Gebed vir huwelike

Nag Boodskappe,Nag Se,I Love,Wat Ek,Night Night,Good Night,Night Lekker,Lekker Leader,Nag Qoutes

Vintage big eyed post card Cute dressed cat says goodnight to her little baby cat.

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