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three little penguins sitting on top of a rock
Painted Rocks.
pedras pintadas
two painted rocks with ladybug and cat faces on them sitting on the ground
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Piazzaerbestore.com - Sassi dipinti
an outdoor hot tub in the middle of a patio with chairs and lights strung over it
50 Backyard Landscaping Ideas that Will Make You Feel at Home
Modern Patio
a man is shoveling bricks into the ground
Pamela Liz
Pamela Liz
large rocks and stepping stones in the grass
Urban Plant Box
Repetition gives this river of spheres tremendous power in the landscape.
the steps are made out of stones and wood
Gorgeous Rock Pathway Ideas
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an outdoor wooden arbor with purple flowers growing on it's sides and green grass in the background
Clematis Vines Garden Landscape Arbor by Andrew's Reclaimed Home and Garden, via Flickr
a ladybug pin sitting on top of a table next to a cup filled with grass
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Golf Ball Ladybugs
a ladybug statue sitting in the grass
Concrete Ladybug Garden Craft
rocks and stones are arranged in the shape of a heart with leaves on them, along with grass
25+ Garden Pathway Pebble Mosaic Ideas For Your Home Surroundings
25+ Garden Pathway Pebble Mosaic Ideas For Your Home Surroundings
some rocks are stacked on top of each other
Wow i like this!
an old bicycle locked to a gate in front of a house
Bicycle Gate » Funny, Bizarre, Amazing Pictures & Videos
bicycle gate
two pictures of the same planter in different stages of being used as a fountain
Home - The Owner-Builder Network
How To Make Your Own Hand Planters http://theownerbuildernetwork.co/nj3n If your tastes tend toward the unusual, these hands will appeal. Relax! These are ‘armless hypertufa hands :) Does your garden need one of these helping hypertufa hands?