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three different images of pink and white polka doted fabric, with the words cover in bubble wrap
Do you want to create journal pages easily?
Using toilet rolls and bubblle wrap in art with Alisa Burke. I have started using my cardboard rolls to roll on my texture and pattern. I cover the surface with all kinds of everyday things. Bubble wrap makes for great polka dots
three pieces of stained glass with different colors and patterns on them, each depicting an individual's face
No Such Thing As Time (2012)
No Such Thing As Time (2012) | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
an image of a mosaic tile on the ground with text overlaying that reads mosaic stepping stone 7 flick - photo sharing
mosaic stepping stones - Bing images
a blue and green mosaic tile sitting on top of a leaf covered ground next to plants
This would be amazing as a floor inset. Only bigger
a cross made out of red bricks with a heart on the center and two hearts at the bottom
This item is unavailable | Etsy
Little Red Heart Mosaic Cross
a cross made out of green and white tiles with a dove on it's side
Mary's Musings ~ On Mosaics, Creativity & Life
Mary's Musings ~ On Mosaics, Creativity & Life: The Mosaics
a light switch cover with blue glass and silver buttons on the front, sitting on carpet
Decorative Electrical Plates, Electrician,
Creative Decorating With Switches & Outlets. Using Decorative Plates to Change Your Space's Aesthetics. Ever stopped and thought to yourself, 'this room looks gorgeous - but it's missing something'? Probably. Have you ever thought that it needs the artistic touch of decorated wall and switch plates? Probably not.
there are many different colored glass pieces in the bowl
How to Make Stepping Stones – with a Cake Pan
How to Make Stepping Stones – with a Cake Pan.
four different types of pliers and wrenches
How-to guides
good article on how to do mosaics--basics
a person is using scissors to cut the bottom part of a piece of paper with text overlay
Mosaic How To | Get Right Fit and Shape from Tiles
When creating a mosaic, there are areas you will need to pay special attention to in order to get the right fit as well as the right shape. Follow these 5 steps!
a sign that is hanging on the side of a fence post in front of some grass
this is an outdoor mosaic but would be interesting as a tapestry
a cross made out of chocolate with hearts on it
This item is unavailable | Etsy
This 4 x 6 cross is all about love!!! Centered rectangular clear love bauble, millefiori flowers, ceramic hearts and red glass baubles. The sides are mosaicd with various shades of red glass tiles. Grouted with quarry red. The back is painted red. Sealed and signed. Fun and unique
a cross made out of glass beads and stones
How to Make a Mosaic Cross - DIY - Tried and True by Trista
DIY - How to make a mosaic cross. Easy and inexpensive, but pretty craft! #diy #cross