I completed a project for LIG magazine recently, which were bunting made out of star halves. I realised that I subsequently have a new design when trying to complete the star into a whole motif. Th…

Square 2 in 9 squares in 9 weeks

Hier is Marokkaanse hekelblok se patroon Kleurgebruik: Vinnis Colours Nikkim DK g-bolle): Baby Yellow, Kingfisher, Cloud Blue, Green Slate en White Hekelpen: mm Afkortings en steekverduidelikings: beg

Borders for Moroccan square project:

After you have finished joining your squares you might run into trouble finding a suitable border for the finished project as the sides of each square has 29 stitches. The best way to resolve this …

Square 4 in 9 Squares in 9 weeks project

Square 4 in 9 Squares in 9 weeks project

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