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three tacos on a plate with shredded cheese and lettuce
Instant Braised Beef Tacos
Instant Pot or slow cooker to make tender beef that's perfect for tacos. Top them with a creamy salsa sauce to make them complete! #tacos #beef #dinner #mexicanfood #summer
a plate filled with rice, shrimp and guacamole on top of it
Shrimp Taco Bowls
a white dish filled with meat and sauce
a white plate topped with lasagna next to a green salad and a fork
Chicken Enchilasagna
a skillet filled with chicken and vegetables on top of a white table next to bread
Sizzling Skillet Chicken Fajitas (w/ BEST Marinade)
a skillet filled with food and garnished with cilantro, onions, and parsley
One-Pan Shrimp Enchiladas Verde Recipe
NYT Cooking: If the only thing holding you back from making enchilada verde tonight is the idea of standing over the countertop, stuffing and rolling tortillas, read on. These layered lasagna-style enchiladas cut your work in half. Instead, put all your effort into making a nearly effortless verde sauce with pan-roasted tomatillos, jalapeño and onion. Once that’s done, there is little to do but layer and si...
three steak tacos with avocado, lime and cilantro
Asada Mushroom Tacos with Lime Smashed Avocado.
Asada Mushroom Tacos with Lime Smashed Avocado | #tacos #healthy #dinner #mexican
a tortilla topped with shrimp and mango salsa on top of a wooden cutting board
Shrimp and Mango Tacos Recipe
a white bowl filled with red onions next to a stack of tortilla bread
Quick Easy Pickled Red Onions
Homemade Pickled Onions using apple cider vinegar and lime juice from #recipe
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several plates filled with taco shells covered in sauce and toppings on top of each other
Easy Enchilada Cups | Gimme Some Oven
Easy Enchilada Cups -- quick and easy to make with your favorite fillings, and perfect for a party! |
cooked shrimp with garlic and parsley in a skillet, ready to be eaten
Cumin-Lime Shrimp With Ginger Recipe
NYT Cooking: These quick, flavorful shrimp are versatile enough to work their way into an assortment of weeknight dinners. Fold into soft tortillas and top with sliced avocado for shrimp tacos, or serve over steamed rice studded with tomatoes, chiles and fresh herbs. They also work well served on top of a red or green cabbage salad. If cumin’s not your thing, feel free to swap in another dried, warm spice, ...
two different views of a quesadilla on a plate
Brunch Quesadillas
These brunch Quesadillas are a hearty brunch with bits of ham, cheese, spinach and eggs melted in a buttery tortilla. Served with a little salsa , this gives it a little punch of flavor. #brunch, #brunchquesadillas, #quesadillas, #leftoverham
mexican beef and rice recipe in a bowl
Super Easy Mexican Beef and Rice Skillet
Ever ask yourself what to make with ground beef and rice? This Mexican Beef and Rice Skillet is your answer: An easy weeknight dinner, all cooked in one pot! Less dishes to wash is always a win