Ankia van Jaarsveldt

Ankia van Jaarsveldt

Ankia van Jaarsveldt
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Which Minion Are You?

Which Minion Are You? I got Phil Phil is Type A and loves to clean and organize. You are a planner and always take responsibility for what needs to get done. Your friends rely on you to be a leader, a position in which you shine!

The moment when you realize that you're going to die - Click on the image for more...

Aha My first time skydiving my tandem instructor told me he had a previous 'incident', a joke of course, have to say it still made me laugh although I was about to throw myself from a perfectly good plane for the first time in his trust

Recycled Wine Bottle Light diy project

Pretty much. Recycle an empty wine bottle by placing Christmas lights inside and POOF you got pretty and cute lighting! I think I would tape paint the bottle even possibly putting the lights inside (via pin that tells me how to cut glass ;