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Black Gel Liner

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Those kinds of pictures / quotes / clothes / music and funny bits and overall inspiration in our personal humble opinion worth the word: " BANANAS!" More on: www.

They are Baby!!! So sweet  seductive....intoxicating  addictive...I can never get enough of them..they always leave me wanting U more...drunk with desire  losing control of my emotions...falling more  more in love with U as they touch every corner of my heart  make me feel more alive than I ever have!! Kiss me Baby  take advantage of me!! I'm Yours!! I Love YOU  Miss U sooooooo much!!!!:-*:-*:-*:-*:-* ***

They are Baby! So sweet & seductive.I can never get enough of them.they always leave me wanting you more.drunk with desire & losing control of my emotions.Kiss me Baby. Love you REH

Hmmmmmm....where have I heard this before??? :-) thank for for such an incredible day!! Absolutely a WOW memory!!!!! YES it was amazing but holding YOU close is so wonderful!! It is perfect & so are YOU!!! I truly Love YOU with ALL My Heart!!! I Miss U terribly already!!!! Omigosh I Do!! Thank you so, so much Baby!!!:-*:-*:-* WOW!!!!***

where have I heard this before? Absolutely a WOW memory! YES it was amazing but holding YOU close is so wonderful! It is perfect & so are YOU! I Miss U terribly already!

Pinning up a storm and only one to me... shame shame!!!! ;) love you!!!

You and I are gonna be real good at being bad.

In any good relationship you can be both without any awkwardness

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That's why GREAT lovers are capable of taking you places others have never been able to before........JS

Sex involves the body. Great sex involves the mind.

☮ American Hippie Humor Quotes ~ Retro .. Bad Girl ;)

booty and chest pose, redhead, pin up

yeahhh, you know you're a cutie. The only one that's ever taken my breath away. Handsome little jack in the box! ;o) <3

You are a handsome thing

only when you want him too... and generally, selfish lovers spiced up your live, but they don't last long.

This quote is stupid. When you have a selfish lover it doesn't mean they only want you it means they want you to have nobody but them! A selfish lover usually doesn't want you having even friends or family