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Pros and Cons of Milk Machines | Homesteading | Milking cows | Dairy | Raw milk |

Is it worth the money to buy a milking machine for family milk cow? Pros and cons of a milk machine.

How to Remove Rust From an Old Milk Can

Old milk cans fit in with a variety of decors and make for an impressive focal point when accessorizing a cottage or farm-style room. Outside, the cans function as garden.

The Brown Swiss Breed       what a beautiful face.  Looks like she has a sweet diposition.

Brown Swiss cattle can be grey, dark brown, tan or even almost white in color. Their hooves, muzzle and switch are usually black. They are often noted for their big floppy ears and docile temperament.

So het dit 5 uur in die oggende op ons plaas begin :-)

The milk your kids drink - where does it come from? A visit to a commercial dairy farm

From purchasing the right cow to the proper methods of milking by hand, author Philip Hasheider explains the basics of miking the family cow.

The Family Cow Handbook: A Guide to Keeping a Milking Cow. The perfect book for families interested in owning a cow!

Raw milk from  Gurnsey cows does NOT produce the A1 protein that most people have lactose allergy to. Will own someday!

Raw milk from Jersey n Gurnsey cows does NOT produce the protein that most people have lactose allergy to. Black Holstein cows make the undigestable protein but they produce much more milk

Loose Minerals for Dairy Cows | The Elliott Homestead (.com)

Loose Minerals for the Family Cow - mineral pack purchasing link and free choice mineral buffet set up