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Fairy Tail

Aquarius was pasted down from Lucy's mom. Possibly when Lucy was younger she would play with her moms celestial spirits.This is the saddest and sweetest, cause anyone who watched fairy tail would know how deeply Aquarius cared for Lucy

Anime Quote:

Steven: there's a little truth behind every "just kidding". Jase: there's a little knowledge behind every "I don't know". Tristan: there's a little emotion behind every "I don't care". Stephanie: and there's a little pain behind every "it's okay".

I always love Levy's line "he tried to kill me when we first met -_-" but Zeref's is even better!

Gajeel, Natsu, Gray, Jellal and Zeref. BTW Zeref you didnt kill mavis but just make her sleep (coma)

Nalu Doujin- I'll Always Be There for You by DobbyWobbyAznNinja on DeviantArt

A doujinshi! Cause I felt like doing a comic after recent and awesomely inspiring one Enjoy! Nalu Doujin- I'll Always Be There for You