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10 Ways To Strive For Excellence, Not Perfection...
Unlock Your Potential with These 10 Strategies for Striving Towards Excellence, Not Perfection! 🚀 Embrace progress over perfection and start your journey to success today. Click to learn more and begin your transformation! 💪 #excellencenotperfection #successstrategies #personaldevelopment #growthmindset #achieveyourgoals
Spanish 3 Lesson Plans High School, Lesson Plans, Outdoor, Education, Spanish Lesson Plans, High School Spanish, Spanish Lessons, Lesson, Curriculum
20 Spanish 3 Lesson Plans for High School Students
After completing this lesson, students will be able to describe outdoor activities, hiking in detail, the weather and weather forecasts, and talk about past events, especially using irregular preterite verbs. #spanishlessonplans
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Homepage - Educators Technology
14 Educational Apps to Teach Kids Coding #stem #education #kids #games #fun
woman listening Spanish Songs Education Quotes, Songs, Spanish Vocabulary, Learning Spanish, Spanish Songs, Educational Quotes, Perfect Tense
Master the Past Perfect with These 7 Spanish Songs!
A suggested list of fill-in-the-blanks songs in Spanish to try in class with your students to practice the Past Perfect or pretérito pluscuanperfecto. #spanishsongs #pretéritopluscuamperfecto #pastperfecttense
Bell Ringer Spanish Class Activities Teaching Spanish, Engaging Lessons, Spanish Class, Spanish Students, World Language Classroom
Start Strong: Engaging Bell Ringers for Spanish Class
Kick off your Spanish class with a bang! Discover a variety of engaging bell ringers and warm-up activities to start your lessons strong. From interactive games to conversation starters, this list has you covered. Boost participation and set a positive tone for your Spanish class today! #spanishclass #bellringers #languagelLearning #engaginglessons #educatorrtesources #TeachingSpanish #startStrong #lnteractiveLearning #conversationStarters
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Practical Activities to Engage Language Students with AI by Fanest Coronado
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Preliminary Spanish Lesson Plans
Spanish 2 Preliminary Lesson Plans for High School Students
These preliminary lessons provide a refresher for some topics, allowing the teacher to give deeper explanations without having to cover basic material that has already been discussed and helps unify the class so that all students are on the same page. #spanish2preliminarylessonplans #spanishlessonplans #highschool
Lesson Plans for High School Spanish 2 Nouns
44 Lesson Plans for High School Spanish 2
A list of Spanish Lesson Plans for high school students to cover in a full year of Spanish 2 or intermediate low. #spanishlessonplans #lessonplansforhighschool
Class Bundle For Spanish Teachers Free Spanish Lessons, Engaging Lesson Plans, Vocabulary Games, Grammar Exercises
Free Class Bundle For Spanish Teachers
📚✏️ Discover the ultimate Free #ClassBundle designed exclusively for you! Unlock a treasure trove of lesson plans, sub-plans, and scaffolded activities, perfectly curated to make your teaching journey a breeze. And guess what? We've even included delightful Spanish songs to help you take a well-deserved planning break this week! 🎵🎉 Don't miss out on this incredible resource – click now to download your FREE Class Bundle and elevate your Spanish classroom to new heights! #classbundle
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Master Online Remoting: Unlock Your Success
Ready to take your career to new heights with online remoting? Gain clarity on the next steps that will lead you to success. Discover the strategies, tools, and resources to thrive in the world of remote work. Let us guide you on your journey to achieving online remoting success. #onlineremoting #onlinework #workfromhome #wfh
Transitioning Your Career To Online Remoting Is The Best Career Advice You Can Get - Find Our Why
If You Want To Transition Your Career To The Next Level, Or Start A New Business Online, Then This Webinar Will Provide You With Invaluable Information. A Life Hack That Leads To Online Remoting Makes It Possible To Live The Life You Want And Improve Your Finances As You End Up Earning More. #RemotaniaCoaching #OnlineRemoting #onlineBusiness #OnlineFreelancer #OnlineSuccess #SucceedOnline
a woman raising her arms in the air with text overlay that reads 3 steps to set your online business up for success this year
3 Steps to Set Your Online Business Up for Success in the New Year - Coaches and Company
Here are three simple steps you can add to your to-do list to make sure everything’s in tip top shape with your business and make sure all your ducks are in a row when it comes to your business’s legal foundation. Your foundations are important to have, build, and grow a successful online business. Business tips for beginners | Online business foundations | Small business tips | female & women entrepreneur tips | legal tips for business | protecting your online business | starting a business
a poster with the text 6 simple tips to study effectively
6 Simple Tips to Study Effectively
If you're having trouble studying, these 6 tips will definitely help you out!
Free Back-To-School Online Conference for World Language Teachers
Spanish sub plans high school Vocabulary, Spanish Sentences, Speaking Skills, Speak Spanish, Educational Tips
Spanish Sub-Plans for Intermediate High School Students
Here are suggested Spanish sub-plans for intermediate and intermediate-advanced students that are ready to use (even if your sub-teacher doesn’t speak Spanish) #spanishsubplans #subplansforintermediatehighschoolstudents
12 Spanish Sub-Plans Basic Spanish Words, Spanish Basics, Spanish Practice, Vocabulary Words
12 Spanish Sub-Plans for Beginner Students
Here is a list of ready-to-use sub-plans designed to that any teacher can cover you, even if he/she doesn’t speak Spanish. #spanishsubplans #subplan
a poster with the words how to study better not more 5 simple but proven tips
show your kids how to study: 5 easy ways
a microphone with the words, songs in spanish to practice preterite and imperfecte
10 Songs in Spanish to Practice the Preterite and the Imperfect
A suggested list of contemporary songs in Spanish to try in class with your students to practice and understand the preterite and the imperfect uses in context.
a musical note with the words, songs in spanish to practice the present and past tenses
7 Songs in Spanish to Practice Present and Past Tenses
Spanish teachers can choose any of these ready-to-use presentations for their students to discover their incredible lives and achievements.
Songs in Spanish to Practice Present Tense
Songs in Spanish with Fill-In-The-Blanks Present Tense Practice
🎶 Discover the joy of teaching Spanish with our Pinterest pin: "Songs in Spanish with Fill-In-The-Blanks Present Tense Practice" 🎵 Add Spanish songs to your teaching tools for present tense practice. Engage your students with contemporary songs and fill-in-the-blanks activities available in multiple versions. Access our exclusive PACK for additional resources and enjoy the flexibility to choose based on your students' needs. #spanishsongs #teachingspanish #musiceducation
Spanish Songs for Health and Body Parts Vocabulary Practice Vocabulary Practice, Learning Spanish Vocabulary
5 Spanish Songs for Health and Body Parts Vocabulary Practice
Here is a suggested list of contemporary songs in Spanish with clozelines (fill-in-the-blanks) for your students to practice health and body parts vocabulary. #spanishsongs #healthandbody
Spanish Teacher gift box Ideas, Teachers, Teacher Appreciation, Teacher Gifts, Gratitude, End Of School Year, Thoughtful Gifts, End Of School
Celebrate Your Spanish Teacher with These 11 Amazing Gift Ideas!
Looking to express gratitude to your Spanish teacher? We've got you covered with these 11 amazing gift ideas! From Teacher's Appreciation Day to the end-of-school year or any holiday, these suggestions are sure to bring a smile to your teacher's face. Show your appreciation and make your Spanish teacher feel special with these thoughtful gifts. Start celebrating today! #spanishteachergiftIdeas #giiftideas #teacherappreciationgifts
Speaking Phrases Boricua Ebook Friends, Spanish Quotes, English, Colloquial Words, Spanish, Language, Vocab, The Locals
Discover The Local Language -Speaking Phrases Boricua Ebook
This follow-up to the Puerto Rican Spanish bestseller, Speaking Boricua, collects the unique Puerto Rican sayings that are passed down from generation to generation. Whether you are looking to share your life’s wisdom with Island friends, trying to get a chuckle from colleagues or just want to better understand Puerto Ricans, Speaking Phrases Boricua offers both English and Spanish versions for these wisdoms. #speakingphrases #ebook #boricuaebook
a person sitting at a desk with a book in front of them and the quote education breeds
73 Confucius Quotes to Find Meaning in Your Life
Confucius Quotes on Education, Learning, Knowledge, and Wisdom - “Education breeds confidence. Confidence breeds hope. Hope breeds peace.” – Confucius | what did confucius say | what are two quotes spoken by confucius | what does confucius say about happiness #quoteoftheday #quotesoftheday #quotestoliveby
a close up of a clock with text reading upper - level spanish exit tickets
Upper-Level Spanish Exit Tickets
As the lessons transition into Spanish 3 there is an evident shift in the content of the Activators and Exit Tickets. The Activators and Exit Tickets become less grammar and vocabulary based and are focused on student output in the target language. #spanishexittickets
Scaffolded Activities Teaching Resources, Differentiated Instruction, Classroom Activities
12 Scaffolded Activities for Your Novice, Intermediate, or Advanced Students
Boost your students' learning with these 12 scaffolded activities designed for novice, intermediate, and advanced levels. Perfect for differentiated instruction! #TeachingResources #ClassroomActivities
spanish sayings picture book for spanish teachers
Discover 25 Captivating Spanish Sayings: Download Free Printables Now!
A free printable for Spanish teachers that includes 25 illustrations of Spanish sayings. All are explained in Spanish and English #dppanish Saying
an advertisement with the text 16 youtube channels that will make you smarter
16 YouTube Channels That Will Make You Smarter
4 Songs in Spanish to Practice the Verb Tener
Check out this suggested list of songs in Spanish that features a variety of verb conjugations to use through the school year #verbtenerinspanish #tenerinspanish
a woman talking on a phone while holding her head to her ear with the words,'unlock the power of infinitive verbbs 13 spanish songs to practice
Unlock the Power of Infinitive Verbs: 13 Spanish Songs to Practice
Here is a suggested list of contemporary songs in Spanish to try in class for your Spanish 1 students to practice infinitive verbs. #spanishsongs #infinitiveverbs
Supplement your homeschool with screenfree educational activities. Try one of these 15 of the best educational podcasts for kids. #screenfreelearning #digitallearning #podcastsforkids Summer, Play, Apps, Ted Talks, Educational Activities, Educational Activities For Kids, Homeschool Resources, Fun Learning
15 of the BEST Educational Podcasts for Kids
Supplement your homeschool with screenfree educational activities. Try one of these 15 of the best educational podcasts for kids. #screenfreelearning #digitallearning #podcastsforkids
Spanish Class Activities Verb, Student Learning
Verb TENER Spanish Class Activities
Verb TENER and Body Parts Vocabulary Lesson Plan for Spanish 2 – In this lesson, students learn the body parts vocabulary the verb tener in the present tense and to express symptoms using the verb tener. #verbtener #spanishclassactivities
Joining the Speaking Latino's Spanish Teachers Community Community
Joining the Speaking Latino's Spanish Teachers Community? Discover These 4 Assessment Methods
Ready to take your Spanish teaching to the next level? Join the Speaking Latino's Spanish Teachers Community and explore these 4 powerful assessment methods to ensure it's the perfect fit for you. Click to learn more! #teacherscommunity #spanishteacherscommunity
the book cover for how to learn almost anything in 40 hours
Back To School Guide 2016 | The Review Wire
Spanish Lesson Plans for Middle School Spanish Speaking Countries, Language Lessons, Why Learn Spanish
Exploratory Spanish Lesson Plans for Middle School
Suggested lesson plans, cultural topic, and songs in Spanish to use in an Exploratory Spanish class for middle school. #spanishlessonplans #middleaschool
a hand writing on top of a notebook with the words spanish sub plans for advanced high school students
Spanish Sub-Plans for Advanced High School Students
We have a variety of substitute lesson plans available for teachers of higher-level Spanish classes that don’t require a sub-teacher to speak the language. These lesson plans provide you with an opportunity to broaden your range of teaching materials and resources. #spanishsubplans #highschoolstudents
Gender inclusive language classroom Teaching Career, Gender Inclusive, What Is Gender, Language Courses
How to Teach Gender-Inclusive or Gender-Neutral Language in Spanish
Inspired by Mrs. Miller story, we partnered up with Dr. Jenny Santilli to create the mini-course Understanding and Teaching Gender-Inclusive Language for Spanish teachers. This 1-hour course will equip you with important resources to help you start teaching gender inclusive language in your classroom. #genderinclusivelanguage #genderinclusivelanguageclassroom
Spanish lesson plans Teaching Plan, How To Introduce Yourself
Unlock Flawless Spanish Lesson Plans with Our Secret Sauce!
All of these go into our Spanish lesson plans, allowing busy teachers to transition from feeling overwhelmed to being over-prepared. #spanish lessonplans #spanishlessonplansforbeginners
a pie chart with the words, who leave the professional? and how to use it
Jobs for Teachers
Jobs for TeachersThe Educator's Room | Empowering Teachers as the Experts.
Spanish Cultural Activities Hispanic Culture, Reading Comprehension Activities, Cultural Differences, Monteverde, Blog Ideas, Cultural Activities, Comprehension Activities, Class Activities
La Vida Contemporánea: Spanish Cultural Activities
Suggested Spanish class activities about Contemporary Life that brings Hispanic culture to all your classes every month, from novice to advanced levels. #spanishculturalactivities #lavidacontemporánea
Spanish Culture Lesson Plans Classroom Routines, Spanish Culture, Cultural Appropriation
4 Ways to Add Spanish Culture Lesson Plans to Your Teaching
Here's how to add Spanish cultural activities to your lesson plans. The culture part is the hook that intrigues the students to learn more about the Spanish language. #spanishculturelessonplans