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a wooden structure sitting on the side of a building next to a bike parked in front of it
Poiana lui Iocan @ Bucharest Architecture Festival | Field Trip | Archinect
Poiana lui Iocan @ Bucharest Architecture Festival | Field Trip | Archinect
the house is made out of wood and glass
Earthy and elegant house in Mexico: Wood, Water, Wow!
two pictures of the inside and outside of a house with grass in front of it
Futuristic Pyramid House Design
a person sitting on a bench under a wooden structure in the middle of a courtyard
Gridshell Toledo
a tall building with lots of windows and lights on it's sides at night
Urban Cubes / KLab
urban cubes by klab in pagkrati, athens, greece.
an image of a house that is on the app
Contemporary three level home on Amwaj Island, Bahrain
House on Amwaj Island in Bahrain / Moriq
a large swimming pool in front of a modern house
Hewlett Street House / MHNDU
Courtesy of MPR Design Group
an aerial view of a house with a swimming pool and garden area in the foreground
COS Design
I know this is a front yard but it is just soooo stunning and surprisingly private it could be a backyard.
this is an artist's rendering of a modern house with swimming pool in the foreground
Luxury Ultramodern Mansion on Sunset Plaza Drive in Los Angeles _ #architecture
an architectural rendering of the exterior of a building with geometricly designed walls and floors
ABC Museum, Illustration and Design Center / Aranguren & Gallegos Architects
Architects: Aranguren & Gallegos Architects Location: Madrid, Spain Client: Grupo Vocento Photographs: Jesús Granada The new ABC
people are walking around in an open area with glass walls and curved metal structures on either side
Thomas Heatherwick's gin distillery for Bombay Sapphire opens
Thomas Heatherwick's gin distillery for Bombay Sapphire opens.
the top of a tall building with many windows on it's sides, against a blue sky
Zaha Hadid | Central Bank in Iraq
multiple images of the interior of a building with many different angles and shapes, including an open
Futuristic Villa F Project
Created by Hornung and Jacobi Architecture of Germany, this residence appears to be an extruded prism with a ground level pool that recedes down a steep slope to showcase a unique staircase and sunken spaces all with amazing ocean views from Rhodes, Greece.
a group of houses that have been built into the side of each other
The Curious Cubic Houses Of Rotterdam
The Cubic Houses are a curious and magnificent architectural wonder located in Rotterdam, Netherlands. They were conceived and constructed by architect Piet Blom in the 1970s