Angie Wolstenholme

Angie Wolstenholme

Angie Wolstenholme
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Southern Hamburger Steaks with Onion Mushroom Gravy

Southern Hamburger Steaks with Onion Mushroom Gravy. I didn't put anything in the meat but seasoning and used a little bacon grease in the gravy in place of some oil. Great flavor , gravy had great depth to it.

Left over mashed potatoes mixed with eggs, cheese, sour cream and chives and bake!

Could do some substitutions like kiefer- Leftover Mashed Potato Puffs. They’re combined with eggs, sour cream, cheese and chives then baked in a cupcake pan until golden and crusty with creamy middles. They don’t taste like leftovers.

Check out this awesome firepit! I can finally put all those leftover cobblestones to use, now.

Plan Your Backyard Landscaping Design Ahead With These 35 Smart DIY Fire Pit Projects.I don't think having the fire pit this close to the house is a great idea.But this is a really pretty fire pit.