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Angel message - Everything works in your favor
Angel message • You're entering a state where everything works in your favor
an info sheet describing the many different types of aircrafts that can be seen in this image
Inspiration from Disney Villains
an image of a person laying on a couch with a glass of wine
50 Best Gemini Memes That Describe This Zodiac Sign
Emotional health
Emotional alchemy
Text back...
someone is trying to fix the ring on their finger
Red String Of Fate Tattoo - (it Should Be Her Pinky And His Thumb) “according To Chinese Legend, Two People Who Are Destined To Be Together Are Attached By An Invisible Red String Bound From A Male’s Thumb To A Female’s Pinky Finger. An Invisible Red Thread Connects Those Who Are Destined To Meet, Regardless Of Time, Place, Or Circumstances. The Thread May Stretch Or Tangle But Will Never Break.” - iFunny
a quote from the book don't be a girl with just a pretty face
The Personal Quotes - Love Quotes , Life Quotes
the words are written in black and white on a white background with an image of two children
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