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a drawing of a person with an umbrella
Shaun Tan's Cicada: a meditation on belonging and bullying – in pictures
A character sketch of the eponymous cicada.
a paper sculpture of a bug on a black surface
Test run for the beginnings of a #project. #art #artist #paper #papercraft #pillwoodlouse #pillbug #arthropod #invertebrate
Bugs And Insects, Inspired Handbags, Insect Art, 3d Prints, Bijoux Diy, Japanese Artists, Mode Outfits, Leather Accessories, Bugs
a drawing of an animal's skeleton and its parts
Fireco Monster, a Cryptid Centipede: Insect Bestiary Art Print
"ABOUT The Fireco Monster is a large centipede with 50 pairs of legs that end in baby-feet-shaped nubs that are tipped with sharp, black claws. Their shiny, pointed heads and flat forms tunnel quickly into the ground. Dark, ominous eyes gaze forward, unmoving, glassy, and deep-set on either side of the snout. The insects have black, shimmering, armored bodies with tan undersides; two long, black antennas protrude from the top of its head and a wide mouth with thousands of tiny teeth protected by
three different types of bed bugs on a white and beige background with the caption pill bug
Roly Polies - Mankind's Most Forgiving and Durable Pet
Rolley Polley!
an old book with drawings of bugs and scorpions
v.2 (1899) [Isopoda] - An account of the Crustacea of Norway - Biodiversity Heritage Library
v.2 Isopoda - An account of the Crustacea of Norway, - Biodiversity Heritage Library
two ladybugs sitting on top of each other in front of a black background
an image of a bug on the side of a piece of bread in watercolor and ink
Animales - Gemma Merinero. Ilustraciones
an origami model of a human heart on a stick with a piece of paper attached to it
Bartek Elsner’s Cardboard Sculptures - Hi-Fructose Magazine