The National dish of South Africa! Potjie!!!  Read the recipe and it sounds great.... and the blog it is from has other good So African recipes

Spicy Seafood Potjie - in a sensational sauce, potjie recipe, The National dish of South Africa!

Amarula Malva Pudding baked in a potjie pot - I finally found a purpose for our tiny potjie pot - YAY!!

Blits pudding Oond 180 gr C. Maak die deeg in die bak aan waarin jy die poeding gaan bak, bak moet omtrent inhouds mate van 2 L hê. Meng 1 E sagte margarine, 1 k appelkoos konfyt, 1 t koeksoda, 6 E hoogvol bruis.

A Potjie pot is a big part of South African cooking. It is a big clay pot (similar to a dutch oven) used by many to create stew-like dishes containing meats and vegetables called Potjiekos ("small pot food"). Every South African with a Potjie has their own special way of cooking their Potjiekos; there are even festivals to award the best!

WINNING Potjie Recipe (and yes you may try this at home) Traditional Lamb and Potato Potjie, South Africa ~ Recipe

cast iron cooking pots

Potjie cast iron cauldron for cooking and brew. Several sizes, prices ranging…

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camping Dutch Oven: We often cook in the back garden over the fire pit. I love experimenting with cooking in a Dutch oven, making stew, curry or even breads.

Potjie ... it doesn't matter what you put in it. It is all about the pot!

Chicken, chorizo and Peppadew potjiekos

A wonderful traditional South African recipe for Chicken, Chorizo and Peppadew Potjiekos - perfect for the braai.

firestarters.  for camping.

Recycle Fire starters: fill the holes of an empty egg carton with sawdust, twigs, shredded paper, dryer lint, or fabric scraps. Pour melted wax over each and let cool. Store in sealed ziploc bags.

Potjie - directly translated "little pot" from Afrikaans or Dutch, is traditionally, a round, cast iron, three-legged (tripod) pot.

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