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A Potjie pot is a big part of South African cooking. It is a big clay pot (similar to a dutch oven) used by many to create stew-like dishes containing meats and vegetables called Potjiekos ("small pot food"). Every South African with a Potjie has their own special way of cooking their Potjiekos; there are even festivals to award the best!

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Amarula Malva Pudding baked in a potjie pot - I finally found a purpose for our tiny potjie pot - YAY!!

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South African Recipes POTJIE CARE: The main care for your potjie is discussed on the following pages: * Seasoning - baking on a layer of oil to protect the metal and improve meal taste * Cleaning - removing food bits, but leaving the seasoning layer * Storing - protecting your potjie when it won't be used for a few months Read the instructions:

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Accessory Ring for Potjie on a Weber kettle braai

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Top 7 potjie recipes | Food24

cast iron cooking pots

firestarters. for camping.

Cheese and Herb Potjie Bread on the braai

Potjie - directly translated "little pot" from Afrikaans or Dutch, is traditionally, a round, cast iron, three-legged (tripod) pot.

Chicken, chorizo and Peppadew potjiekos

Potjie ... it doesn't matter what you put in it. It is all about the pot!