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six pieces of paper with different designs on them
SST50T18レトルトカレーセット8個入|スープストックトーキョー / Soup Stock Tokyo 2024ギフト|ギフト プレゼントのMOO:D MARK by ISETAN(伊勢丹)
five different colored swatches in front of a white background
three green and white brochures on a gray background
AURG STUDIO (아우라지 디자인) - SEAFOREST | Branding&Packaging | ポートフォリオデザインブック, パンフレット デザイン, ブランディングデザイン
an advertisement for a cake with orange and yellow designs
three boxes with labels on them sitting next to each other
Green Beans Cake
six different types of japanese tea bags in a basket
two boxes with yellow and green designs on them sitting side by side in front of each other
Design by fox&owl|Huang Yi Fan|
many different types of lettuce are in plastic containers with labels on the side
Gotham Greens — Gander
Gotham Greens — Gander
several packets of herb essentials sit on a bed next to a basket full of them
おしゃれ×安いが最強♡おすすめ【プチギフト】と節約術も公開! | ウェディングニュース
おしゃれ×安いが最強♡おすすめ【プチギフト】と節約術も公開! | 結婚式準備はウェディングニュース
branding packaging chocolate organic color story palette typeface portland oregon local company design agency creative studio Branding Design, Instagram, Brand Identity, Design Seeds, Layout Design
Case Study: Cocacao
The logo radiates a playful spirit and breaks the name up into clearly pronounceable parts. The color system is tasteful yet eye-catchingly bright, to help busy shoppers quickly spot their favorite treat. The illustrations celebrate the simplicity of the ingredients and boldness of the flavors. It all works together to build a fun, inviting, surprise-filled world for each flavor of Cocacao.