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(n.) a shiver of pleasure. My Pam used to say this when she caught a chill, then she'd look under her desk (c;

Just pinning some interesting stimulating things is enough for me.

Haha there is actually a word for this...i thought i was just crazy!

Alexithymia (n) .an inability to describe emotions in a verbal manner (find the words in my world) .FIRST PIN.

Is that wrong! lol

Apodyopsis (n).Pronunciation “ap-O-dI-‘op-sis The Act of Mentally Undressing Someone.

Lol I cant tell jokes for shit.

Jayus is an Indonesian word (that I just made an English word) that conveys the awkward humor behind a joke delivered so badly that you can’t help but laugh. When a joke is delivered in a horrible manner, you say, "That was fuckin' jayus bro.

Cool word :-)

To dance artlessly, without particular style or skill but with enjoyment