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the text message is written to someone on their cell phone that says, god rest i am already at work i will turn around every negative situation in your life
Thank you so much po my Dear Lord Jesus Christ King of mercy I trust in you po. 1-16-19 11:56pm.
an iphone screen with the message god i am bigger than whatever is stressing you out
this one is good. I just don't like the ones where it says God is gonna do a miracle for you if you do this.
a black and white photo with the words i am who i am like me, love me, take me leave me know that i am true friend to the end and ask for nothing in
145 Inspirational Quotes About Moving On and Letting Go Quotes
100 Inspirational Quotes About Moving on And Letting Go Quotes 095
a woman's eyes with the words whenever written on her forehead and in front of it
God’s Help
There will be many things we won’t understand. Not everything can be prayed away. Stay in peace. Give every problem to God & let go. #god #quotes #plan
the words faith is not an emotion, it's a decision to stand on god's word
a black and white photo with the words it is delivered not defined god will come through for you keep the faith, refuse to give up
The Last Few Months
The Last Few Months – My Path to Redemption