From within the darkness

Cruel Intentions, Darkness, Guns, Weapons Guns, Weapons, Pistols, Revolvers, Firearms, Gun

Know your gut

Resume, Dads, Offices, Curriculum, Parents, Bureaus, Fathers, Desks, Office Spaces

The Voice on the other side

Highly Effective People, Edgar Allan Poe, Spelling, Plugs, Headphones, Ravens, Smartphone, Devil, Weaving

Forgiving the church and setting myself free

I DO have a choice!

Anxiety, Depression, Dads, Sticks, Strength, Anxiety Awareness, Parents, Fathers, Stress

Until forever us do part

40th Wedding Anniversary

Damn you depression!

Losing Faith, Hospitals, Zombies, Demons, Ghosts, Paths, Depression, Real Life, Challenges

Its for life...

Hummingbirds, Ribs, Palms, Zodiac, Palmas, Hummingbird, Horoscope, Palm Trees, Prime Rib

Beating yourself up (warning graphic) @niume_official

Beating yourself up (warning graphic)

Beating yourself up (warning graphic) @niume_official

The fortress has fallen

Cape Town, Lighthouses, Laptops, Capes, Consoles, Track, Console Tables, Runway, Mantles

The Dark in all of us

Dark Side, Darkness, Fields

The Raven man, keeps following me

Edgar Allan, Horror Films, Hospitals, Black Cats, Ravens, Writers, Crows Ravens, Crows, Horror Movies

The angry nun is all in your head.

Fails, Cheese, Mice, Irish, Mothers, Sleep, Computer Mouse, Irish People, Ireland

The true value of a friend

Skeletons The human body is literally a big mass of water and protein hanging in and around a calcium frame. This frame is the skeleto.

When you got dogs like these.

Rottweilers, Rottweiler

Bulfinch's Mythology (review)