Braaibroodjies: Tegnies nie geskiedenis nie, maar 'n belangrike deel van ons kultuur...

South-African "Braaibroodjie" - many recipes for these tomato, oinion and cheese toasites, made over an open wooden fire - various added ingredenietns - a TREAT to accompany the traditional South African Braai - A proper barbecue - African style

african roots tattoo - Google Search

african roots tattoo - I want this baby with the text "they tried to bury us, they didn't know we were seeds" 😍😍

whahaha!! ai SA....

Afrikaans - translation: "Weather prediction: If the rock moves - there is wind. If the rock is wet - it has rained. If the rock is white - it has snowed. If the rock is not visible - it is night. If the rock is gone - it has been stolen.

Boeretroos - word algemeen gebruik om 'n koppie koffie te beskryf wat tipies swart, sonder room of melk met suiker aangebied word.

New Uses For Old Things: Coffee Grounds - fascinating list -- everything from cellulite removal to plant food to ant repellant!

Volunteer with Via Volunteers in South Africa ( and learn to speak like the locals! 'Lekker' means 'very nice' in Afrikaans.

Pretty much the only Afrikaans word you need to know. Darem 'n woord wat ons so baie gebruik.

Judith Doubell Kersfees in Afrika Chris Chameleon

Kersfees in Afrika Chris Chameleon. {trade your reindeer for a donkey, and your sleigh for a donkey cart}