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an old book and some papers on a table
Jan Vermeulen 'Books and musical instruments' 17th Century
Jan Vermeulen [Dutch painter 17th Century] Oil on wood The Fine Arts Museum of Nantes, France
an old painting of a woman in a white dress with her hands on her chest
Centuries Past
a drawing of a house with an apple on top
un Rire sous la Tonnelle
a small wire house with a clock on the front and side, sitting on top of a table
Résidences secondaires - Trois fois rien
Résidences secondaires - Trois fois rien
a wire house sitting on top of a table
結束線で作る家 : ☆ Aramoodo 雑記 ☆
a wire house with a yellow door and window on the outside, in front of a white background
a bird in a cage on top of a table next to a white couch and chair
two wire cages sitting next to each other on top of a white surface and one is empty
Madam Stoltz
two bird cages hanging from the side of a body of water next to each other
Rockett St George | Beautiful Home Accessories, Furniture & Lighting
an old model airplane sitting on top of a piece of wood with strings attached to it
a wire bird cage with a house inside
Wire Whimsy
a wire structure with a bell on top
Willow Decor