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How to make the perfect prawn cocktail

Felicity Cloake: Do you have a soft spot for this retro classic? What kind of prawns do you use, is iceberg essential, and can any fancy sauces beat mayonnaise mixed with tomato ketchup?

How to make the perfect chicken tikka masala

Is chicken tikka masala the ultimate spicy comfort food or a shameful British abomination - and is it worth making at home?Like many great dishes, the origins of chicken tikka masala (or CTM, as its known to aficionados) is a subject of spicy debate.

How to make the perfect wiener schnitzel

Felicity Cloake: Are you a purist, opting for a traditional veal escalope, or do you prefer rustic pork? And is there anything better than schnitzel fried in lashings of butter?

How to make the perfect bagels

Felicity Cloake: Real bagels are a traditionally Jewish chewy delight that were imported to the US. Should you roll or poke, and what should you serve them with?

How to make the perfect arancini

Felicity Cloake: Are these fried rice balls the best use for leftover risotto, do you make them from scratch in the traditional Sicilian style, and what do you stuff them with?

How to cook perfect syrup sponge

How to cook perfect syrup sponge Is syrup sponge the ultimate sticky winter pudding, or do you have other classics up your sleeve for the long dark months ahead?