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Magnum P.I. shorts...

Magnum, P. Photos with Tom Selleck, Roger E. I had a major crush on Tom Selleck. So handsome

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (1979-1981)

Buck Rogers in the Century - NBC 1978 - Colonel Wilma Deering (Erin Gray) and Buck (Gil Gerard)

Who's The Boss

Who's The Boss? -- Sutton Creative Studios -- Who’s the Boss? No, I’m not asking for Tony Danza, star of the sitcom. When I ask a small business owner “Who’s the boss?”, he or she should always answer, “Me!” (Read more)

The Bangles - Eternal Flame

Bangles - "Close your eyes, give me your hand. Can you feel my heart beating? Do you understand? Do you feel the same? Am I only dreaming or is this burning an eternal flame." Loved it but typing out the lyrics now I see how cheesy it is!