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Freaky fun wildlife, as long as you are not the ones sent to stand at the assembly point, is this what you could call a drive in fast food joint for lions?So funny to see this lion hanging out at this signpost.

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Baboons and monkeys will get into anywhere where they can smell food. You have to always be vigilant when travelling in areas in South Africa where they are present.

Only in South Africa

I'm sure they were going for some kind of security system here, but the result is a huge epic fail. I know the idea is for someone not to drive off with their car, but that could easily be surmounted just by giving it some gas. Next time you want…

Only in South Africa

Dump A Day Excuse Me, But What The Heck Are You Doing? - 22 Pics//made my head hurt

Rather go the other way. . . #brakpan #benoni #boksburg #tapidtriangle #southafrica - Enjoy the Shit South Africans Say! #CapeTown #africa #comedy #humor #braai #afrikaans

Die mense wat ek ken van Brakpan is awesome, maar die is wel funny!

Translated I miss south africa Do you feel better?

Translated Bumper Sticker: I miss South Africa. So I broke the window stole the radio and laptop and left a note .Do you feel better?