Andrea Connacher

Andrea Connacher

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Andrea Connacher
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A-line Wool Coat by COS | Women's Clothing

COS image 3 of A-line wool coat in Mustard Yellow


From "Light Beyond Sound," by Tatiana Plakhova of Complexity Graphics. Agian, love the celestial elements. (And it *is* complex.

Henna Maps: Venice-Hands

Henna Art - Map if Venice in Mehndi Sometimes temporary art is the most beautiful, because it can only be enjoyed for a short time and then it's gone again forever. As fleeting as the people in the world who enjoy it.


Amazing vintage maps of the Mississippi. Produced in 1944 by Harold N. Fisk, who drew in a rainbow of colors the path of past and current flows as the mighty river changed course and flooded over time.

Watercolor Boroughs (Cityspace #191)

Emily Garfield, Watercolor Boroughs,(Cityspace Watercolor on paper.

Emily Garfield. Jade Island (Cityspace #173). Watercolor and pen on paper, 5" x 7".

Cityspace artwork "Jade Island" drawed with watercolor and pen in blue and light brown