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Atividades lúdicas e pedagógicas para estimular habilidades e promover aprendizagem!
Não perca a chance de explorar nosso link na BIO e obter acesso imediato a uma variedade de recursos educacionais. Faça o download de Planos de Aulas alinhados à BNCC, Relatórios Prontos, jogos e atividades lúdicas, bem como conjuntos didáticos para a alfabetização. Encontre tudo o que precisa para tornar suas aulas ainda mais envolventes e eficazes❤️#atividadesdivertidas #educaçãoinfantil#desenvolvimentoinfantil #coordenaçãomotorafina#atividadesludicas #atividadeinfantil#atividadesparacrianças
an art project made out of play dough with paint and cupcakes on it
a plastic container filled with red and green items on top of a wooden table next to a remote control
a young child holding up a paper hand with numbers on it
Counting to 5 - Hands-On Number Recognition Activity
Unlock the fun of counting to 5 with our engaging and budget friendly number recognition and counting activity!
Dinâmica pedagógica
🌟Mais de 30 modelos de Relatório de Desenvolvimento da Educação Infantil em Word. 🍭 ; Abre uma nova aba 📌PROCURANDO RECURSOS PARA EDUCAÇÃO INFANTIL? 📌📚Obtenha recursos pedagógicos PRONTOS para a educação infantil e ensino fundamental ! Basta acessar este pin! Curta ❤️ Comente 🗣️ Salve 🗃️ Compartilhe 📤 #planosdeaulas #planoseditáveisbncc2023 #educaçãoinfantil #ensinofundamental #recursosparadocentes #planejamentosdeaulas .
a little boy that is sitting at a table with some sticks in front of him
kids are making homemade bubble wrap art with paper plates and paint on the trays
DIY Bubble Wrap Stamp Art - Toddler at Play
DIY Bubble Wrap Stamp Art - Toddler at Play
a yellow star shaped object with blue string attached to it's side on a white surface
Busy Bag Exchange - Bliss & Miscellaneous
a cardboard cut out of an alligator and fish with colored crayons next to it
several different types of crafts in plastic containers
Eventueel gekleurde lijntjes op de buis zetten zodat ze de juiste gekleurde elastiekjes op zetten
a pink jellyfish made out of candy and beads
Conteo correspondencia
Actividades artísticas y divertidas.
Actividades artísticas y divertidas.
a child's hand holding up a paper snail craft with paint and crayons
a young boy cutting paper with scissors on top of a white board in front of him
a young child is drawing on a piece of paper
1. sınıf çizgi çalışması Maths, Preschool, Math
1. sınıf çizgi çalışması
a young boy standing in front of a painting on the wall with colorful streamers
Nos petits ateliers du matin #1
Nos petits ateliers du matin #1
a boy in an orange shirt is working on a project with crayons and glue
Math For Kids, Pre Writing, Worksheets For Kids, Preschool Writing, School Activities
Graphisme en maternelle : tracer des lignes horizontales
water dropping fine motor skill building activity for kids
Tapones y gotero
a wooden spoon and some colorful pins on a white surface with text overlay that reads math patterns with golf tees
Creating Math Patterns with Golf Tees
children are painting on paper with watercolors in the middle and one child is holding a paintbrush
Thema regenboog schrijbelen in scheerschuim
two pictures with different shapes and sizes of toothpicks in them, one is made out of popsicle sticks
Creating Math Patterns with Golf Tees
Preschool Fine Motor Math Activity: Make Patterns with Golf Tees and a Mallet!
a young boy cutting into a cake with a baseball bat
Hammering Golf Tees Activity for Toddlers
a child is drawing with colored pencils on paper that has lines drawn across it
an egg carton filled with colored eggs next to coloring pages
a young boy is playing with his toys on the floor in front of a table
......mamamisas welt......: Schwungübungen
two children at a table drawing letters on paper
a table topped with lots of different colored balloons
a young boy is painting with paints on a blue tray and holding a red feather
Painting With Feathers 🪶