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a shirtless man in a red jacket and black pants standing next to a white wall
Shawn Mendes por Sebastian Kim para L'Uomo Vogue
Shawn Mendes por Sebastian Kim para L'Uomo Vogue
a young man sitting on top of a chair in front of a black background with his hands crossed
Pinterest // @infinitLaughtr
a smiling young man wearing a black shirt
An unreleased photo from Shawn's photoshoot with Billboard Magazine earlier this year!
a man with a heart drawn on his face and the words i love you in front of him
Shawn as a baby
two young men taking a selfie in the mirror
✖ our brains are sick but thats okay ✖ @livylane
a young man laying in bed with a teddy bear
♡ pinterest : @mendessxmuffin ♡ aww
a young man is smiling for the camera
shawn mendes | Tumblr
Soo cute Shawn
Noelito Flow
Imagine: Shawn at his stitches music video shoot "(Y/n) beat me up guys" "NO I DID NOT!!" you yell amd you both start to laugh.
Please, don't stop the POP
Assim meu coração não aguenta
Slip into my headspace
Shawn Mendes Well baby, I'm a fool for you.
Shawn Mendes Lip Bite on Make a GIF
omfg he want to kill us