Ancha Guila

Ancha Guila

Weird yet some how amazing
Ancha Guila
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Oh dear me, it's like someone just described me. The right beautiful words can create the most incredible feeling. They don't have to be necessarily eloquent; they just need to be said.

She was fascinated with words. To her, words were things of beauty, each like a magical power or potion that could be combined with other words to create powerful people// Dean Koontz

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Wallpaper RANDOM | Galaxy Gran Prime

Black makes me feel sane💔

Boys will never be problem if you live by this print! Fries Before Guys — Prints by Pellegrino

(My life motto)

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Eunice the Unicorn wore mom jeans by day, but by night she was a total slut.

" He then proceeded to flip his body so he was upside down and told me take a picture, I did. I just flipped your world upside down, he said then turned the camera upside down.

Labelled as anime art...but I disagree. I'd refer to the source, but I can't read Chinese lol

Labelled as anime art. I'd refer to the source, but I can't read Chinese lol -- source note: cartoon, drawing, illustration. i choose "illustration"

I'm not really into anime but this is really beautiful

The girl is really pretty. The background is a little dark but beautiful at the same time.

Omg! Another one! With the attention to the detail in the blue and the black and white! This just makes it look so much more interesting and eye-catching :)

blue, and color full pic. a girl with pretty eyes ,that make you look a lot in this pic XXDD

love the use of minimal colour

beautiful blue eyes and blue flowers