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Jacaranda Trees in Bloom and View of a Street After Rain, Pretoria South Africa .....had the chance to see first hand picture doesn't do it justice.

Check Out The Most Majestically Trees In The World! AmonGraf

Jacaranda Trees in Bloom and View of a Street After Rain, Pretoria South Africa

Kruger National Park, South Africa. Waaaay bigger then you think it is.

Getting to Kruger - Kruger National Park - Travel Advisory...

There are two ways of getting to Kruger National Park: By Air or by Road. Siyabona Africa can book your airline flight into Hoedspruit Airport or Kruger

Bunny Chow in Durban, South Africa | 12 Hangover Foods That You Must Eat Abroad

Bunny Chow in Durban, South Africa

Bunny Chow is a minced meat stew made with lamb, chicken, or beef that's served in a crusty bread bowl. The stew is sloppy, rich, and flavorful. Eating the bowl once it's swollen with all the savory stew juices will put you back where you belong: in bed.

Valley of 1000 Hills, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. Inspiration for the Thousand Hills line of Beloved Beadwork jewelry.

VALLEY OF 1000 HILLS, Durban

Valley of 1000 Hills - Information about the Valley of 1000 Hills in Durban, South Africa. Destinations, attractions, things to do, photographs and a ...

Drakensberg, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa

Resources & Downloads | Brand South Africa

Download Brand South Africa resources, you can choose from high res images & videos

Rocinha... Favela in Brazil had the pleasure  to tour here and train bjj with the local kids... They were incredible raw power and athleticism.


travelingcolors: “ Rocinha, Rio de Janeiro | Brazil (by David Sidhom) ”

Nairobi, Kenya - aerial view at night time! "Cause everybody's trying to get paid in Nairobi"


I love sunsets and the moments after a sunset. There is something about that limited time in the day when the blue sky turns orange and occasional hues of purple and scarlet emerge into some cockta…

The Amazon Theatre - is an opera house located in Manaus, in the heart of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil.


Dados de várias fontes oficiais sobre os países do mundo.

Prédio da Alfandega - Manaus - Amazonas, Brazil

Prédio da Alfandega - Manaus - Amazonas (Enchente - 2012).

Recorde da enchente em Manaus - Amazonas - Brasil - 116/05/2012. Record flood in Manaus - Amazonas - Brazil - 116/05/2012. O conjunto arquitetônico da Alfândega e Guardamoria foi tombado pelo Patrimônio Histórico Nacional, em 1987, junto com o Complexo Portuário. Inaugurados oficialmente em 1906, os dois prédios foram construídos pela firma inglesa Manaos Harbour Limited, como parte do contrato de concessão do Porto de Manaus. Em estilo eclético, com elementos medievalistas e renascentistas…

Umhlanga - 10min drive form Durban. Fantastic Sub-tropical beaches - North Coast - Kwazulu Natal

Umhlanga - 10min drive form Durban. Fantastic Sub-tropical beaches - North Coast - Kwazulu Natal

Southern Sun Maputo, Mozambique

Southern Sun Hotel Maputo, Mozambique

The rich Portuguese heritage of Maputo in Mozambique flows through the decor, detail, and hospitality of the exclusive Southern Sun Maputo. Situated on the magnificent Maputo beachfront, the hotel serves as an ideal accommodation option for business and leisure guests. The hotel is only 7 kilometres away from the Maputo International Airport. Dining at this hotel in Mozambique offers guests the opportunity to taste many local and international dishes, which are all exquisitely prepared at…

Kista Science City in Stockholm (photo by Cecilia Larsson)

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