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the interior of a library with blue and white striped walls, wooden stools, and bookshelves
Bold and Bright Hospitality Designs - Interior Design
a large metal object sitting in front of a brick wall
Authentic Industrial Style: Hanging egg chair with antique crane stand by Chris Lutzweiler - Hanging Chairs
Mirror Mirror at SparkLab
Magic House Camp in STL
Send your kid to the Magic House in St. Louis for summer camp! They have great #STEM and art camps for kids from 4 to 11...tons of creativity, no bugs!
several orange and black gears are attached to a white wall with holes in the middle
Simple Machines
With Simple Machines, museum-goers build gear and pulley assemblies on a galvanized steel peg wall. Pulleys are on ½” shafts that fit into the peg wall. Various lengths of stretchy bands and multiple size pulley combinations allow the guest to construct complex belt and pulley assemblies. Gears are magnetic and can be built anywhere on the wall. Guest also control three overhead shafts, two gear and pulley driven shafts and one internal camshaft.
a woman is walking through a colorful tunnel
Joshua Vermillion (@joshuavermillion) | Instagram
a woman sitting on the ground in front of some hanging items with beads attached to them
a room with large balls and chairs in the center, as seen through an archway
a large white sculpture hanging from the side of a wall
{décor inspiration | interior design : the lyford cay club by tom scheerer}
'One of my favorite backdrops of all time… a custom, blooming feather wall!!! 😍' - @rockpaperbloom
a wall covered in lots of colorful sticky notes
Wishing Wall for 2011 Times Square New Year's Eve Confetti
two girls are writing on the wall with pink letters
Magnetic Wall