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How I got in touch with my spiritual side
a woman sitting in front of a computer with text overlay reading getting ready for more distance learning in the fall
Preparing for the possibility of distance learning in the fall
Will we be distance learning in the fall? We hope not. But, if we are, Jackie from Room 213 wants to be prepared. In this post, she shares how she will set her students up for success if they have to… More
a woman sitting at a desk with a laptop and coffee cup in front of her
How to Use Zoom for Online Teaching - Mrs. Richardson's Class
a person holding a paintbrush in their hand and painting on an easel with paints
deificusArt - Etsy
an artist's desk with various art supplies and pencils
Which Academia aesthetic are you?
a person is holding an open book with a ring on it next to a rose
The Best Books Like ‘Milk And Honey’ For Your Poetry Starved Soul
Your Soul Is A River Is Like Milk And Honey
a woman wrapped in a blanket sitting on top of a cliff looking at the mountains
I wish so much I had a hiking partner! No one wants to go or doesn't want to make free time out of it. I don't think I have even three GOOD friends. It's almost like I isolated whyself with just work school and being mommy. I need a hike just to clear my racing thoughts--find waterfalls--get good cardio in too. Maybe god will send me a girl to hike with me lol