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How to win at life - tips for how to get up early, start the day, work fast, think faster, and have a simple life as an entrepreneur (or anybody).

Totoro-lolita2 by Zaryunya on DeviantArt

Totoro lolita by Zaryunya^^^Idea? Get a grey dress, black tutu and attach totoro belly to dress, and then just attach soot to bottom of tutu.

And another shot (bigger?) of the awesome Totoro/Soot Sprite dress!

“ Totoro Dress Cosplay -by Dustbunny Dustbunny Cosplay makes hands down the best Totoro cosplay dress. Leaf on the head, check. Susuwatari dust bunnies under the dress, check. This is the best.

Possibly one of if not the best humanized Mickey and Minnie I have seen.

Probably one among if not the most effective humanized Mickey and Minnie I've seen. Couple Costumes Concepts, Pleased Birthday, Human Mickey, Birthday Mickey,