Amy Jade De Waldon-Holmes

Amy Jade De Waldon-Holmes

Amy Jade De Waldon-Holmes
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Found Poetry .The artist has a couple of really beautiful examples on her deviant art page. This sounds really interesting. found poetry--GREAT use of all our discarded books for middle/high school English project


Danisnotonfire Quotes danisnotonfire tutting What not to do on Public Transport .

Danisnotonfire aka the most pretty pretty princess ever

Danisnotonfire <--- So I wrote Dan Howell in on the ballot for homecoming princess today<---- You are my hero

Danisnotonfire-I died laughing

I laughed so much when I watched this video. I can't even.<<I've seen this video just can't remember what one it is

DANISNOTONFIRE#8 dream colaboration jacksgap and danisnotonfire

Today I had this containable urge to whisper to my friend "The whiskers come from within." <<< I'm from America so watching them I've learned a bit of British slang and my best friend looks at me like I'm crazy

The men of The Avengers. Yes please.

The Avengers + Loki.because as much as we love him, he's not one of the Avengers.

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!- jensen ackles

Here is the second of the hottest brother duo currently on TV, Jensen plays super sexy Dean Winchester on Supernatural. I have been a fan since he played Eric Brady on Days of Our Lives ;