Riana Breytenbach

Riana Breytenbach

Riana Breytenbach
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What Do I Do Now?  Strategies for Early Finishers. Link in comments

Are your fast finishers always asking you what to do next? Use this bulletin board as a reference for students when they finish their work and have some free time. It makes a great visual reference for students. Each activity card has both words and a

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фотозона на выпускной - Поиск в Google

Love these DIY nautical rope napkin rings. A simple craft idea for a gorgeous coastal wedding or nautical themed tablescape.

Even though we learned how to make these trendy Monkey's Fists by accident, yours will turn out beautifully with our simple video tutorial. A cheap and easy DIY coastal home décor idea!

blue and green circles puzzle made of oak. my tangible design-loving heart just leaped.

Blue and Green Circles Puzzle - Hand Colored Oak Pieces . Timber Green Woods - made in USA!

TODDLER TIME ACTIVITY: POPSICLE STICK PUZZLES = it is easiest to tape the popsicle sticks to the table with masking tape to keep them together, then glue pictures on with Elmer's glue, and let dry. Cut between the sticks with an x-acto knife. Pictures of family members and pets with their names added underneath with a Sharpie are especially fun to put back together!!

Popsicle Stick Puzzles - An easy storage idea is a plastic baggy. These puzzles would be great to put in a diaper bag or purse to pull-out when you’re on-the-go and need a quiet activity! Could also add the little magnets to the back for fridge fun.

Jigsaw Hearts    These sweet hearts are a great DIY gift craft, especially for a little girl’s room. This is the perfect project for a beginner too.

Have some old jigsaw puzzles lying around with missing pieces? These jigsaw hearts are simple to make and are quite pretty for a little girl& bedroom, too.

The Brown-Bag Teacher: Teacher Hack: Pool-Noodle Card Holders

The Brown-Bag Teacher: Teacher Hack: Pool-Noodle Card Holders. I use card games with kids to teach social skills ( turn taking, loosing and winning with grace, negotiation. Sometimes kids do not have the muscle coordination to manage a hand of cards.