Testing Best by Ashattack42

Testing Best by

Happy Fathers Day by Ashattack42

A little dedication to the men . The men in my life. I dont really have a father, so this is a tribute to them Happy Fathers Day

A letter to my love by Ashattack42

This is a really cute poem i wrote. A letter to my love

The good and bad by Ashattack42

Sometimes you need to step back to see what the beauty is, when it seems there isn't any. The good and bad

Test taking Best by Ashattack42

Another poem about tests that can really take a toll on you Test taking Best

Going off track by Ashattack42

A poem about losing your way and finding your way back Going off track

Life and Death : Tragedy by Ashattack42

It's a cut poem I wrote, on the basic idea that life and death were friends but grew apart to take on their roles. Life and Death : Tragedy

If you had to paint me... by Ashattack42

A poem I wrote a long time ago, about how others view you. The poem explains itself I think xD If you had to paint me.

I left. by Ashattack42

Its a cute poem about needing sometime to yourself. I left.

Your Night Sky Eyes by Ashattack42

It's a poem I wrote for someone, and I love it , it's progressive. Your Night Sky Eyes

Celestial by Ashattack42

Its just a poem about the wonder and beauty of life.

Scars cut deep.  by Ashattack42

The poem itself, is just for awareness, I feel it sends a powerful message.