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the cluster

Cluster - Steven Universe I love this. It's so beautiful yet so heartbreaking. The cluster was millions of shards forced together. Upon almost forming to find their missing shards, they all found each other and stayed together. Broken and alone together~

I never liked bowties until Blaine Anderson happened. I don't know what board to pin this to...

I saw Adventure Time bowties at the mall yesterday and the first thing i thought of was Blaine. And at the food court they were playing Single Ladies and the first thing i thought of was Kurt and his Single Ladies dance.

#Lesbian #LGBT It's Santana and Brittany!

This is simply adorable. Just adorable :) and I don't know why but when I look at this I think of Brittany and Santana from glee :)<<< it is Brittany and Santana the Cheerios uniforms