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arrow:male he loves to play around and explors alot.He has blood staned stripes on his body

( Story part i was born. I am very big for a pup but my mother doesn't care. I am prince of the pack son of the alpha and lead female. I am Tonori.

This is Bluebell. She is a mother to any pup that needs one. She has no mate or blood related pups but she watches over the other pups with her sister Summer. She is 26 moons old and is very calm.

(Shea -female-) Hey, I'm Shea. I'm really laid back. People call me a tree hugger because I love nature. I'm a sweetheart and a real softy.

Blazelight white wolf,cleaver and strong fighter and has purple plasm power and telekinesis power (me)

Violet, spiritual female wolf who can speak with the dead wolves, mostly from the past. She is an elder wolf as well, except she looks younger than she actually is. Has no mate or pups.

His name is luke.He is the alpha of most of the wolf packs!

Rain -alpha female -mate -flame-pups are firestorm blaze and spark