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Things like practicing gratitude can be life-changing. It's those small lifestyle changes that can help you reach your goals in life. All it really takes is making a small shift, a small change in your daily routine to bring some positivity and healthy in

War Room: Kendrick Brothers Christian Movie/Film - Banner 5

Went to see a pre-release screening of War Room last night with my husband.

Odessa Heels - Black #SABOSKIRT

The amazing Odessa Heels in a black faux-suede are an open toe booty style featuring a large opening at the back of the ankle + thin wraparound ankle straps. By Billini

Yes this is so me, me girls ask me mom who you talking to I say God, now they know. God listen more than we know, God is our best Listener and Best Friend, God is All I really have!! All I need Really!!

Talk to God through short little prayers throughout the day. Every prayer doesn’t have to be long and eloquent.

Enjoying each other's company is the best kind of intimacy.

Marriage is not about sex and if sex is key to your marriage. Marriage will not last on sex alone. There must be intimacy and there must be real love.