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an old woman with glasses and a flower on her head is standing in front of a white background
༺Algodão Doce-G.Russi༻
an older woman with white hair wearing sunglasses and holding up the peace sign in front of her
an image of a bus with the word peace painted on it's front window
the peace sign is painted in bright colors
a peace sign made out of flowers on a white background
a colorful bus is parked in the middle of a flower bed with trees and grass behind it
a peace sign with a flower in the middle and letters all over it that are black and white
someone is holding out their hand with peace and hearts in the air above it, while they
a large sunflower with green leaves and a peace sign on it's center
a peace sign painted on top of a red wooden paneled wall with flowers and leaves
colorful flowers with peace signs painted on them