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a drawing of a woman with blue hair and long bangs, wearing a black jacket
Marinette with hair loose
a woman riding a bike down a street next to tall buildings
Adrienette biking in Paris
two women standing next to each other in front of a building
[is this real? idk! Who in the Ladybugverse is using Insta in German??]
a person sitting at a table with an ice cream cone in front of him,
🦔 on Twitter
miraculous ladybug
😍😍😍#AdrieNette #LadyNoir #MariChat #Ladrien😍😍😍
a heart with an image of a woman in the center and some cats on it
some cartoon characters are talking to each other
an image of some people in the background with caption that reads, she bend she defend but most importantly she's just a friend
NNNNNNOOOOO!!!! I thought this was supposed to be cute!!!! 😡
two cartoon characters with caption that reads she got animated to get revenge on adrien he's got automated to average mariners
Know the difference... I love Luka but I hate Kagami btw :) ⋆ Follow @marichat.ladynoir4 for more ⋆ ⋆ ⋆C
an animated image of a woman with blue hair and neon lights on her face, next to the caption that says it is me or does luka have the strongest death
I feel like he has definitely had one of the most expressive akumatizations yet. He’s just so handsome!! I don’t even care that he has no eyelashes!
an animated ladybug character with her face painted red and black, standing in front of a blue sky
two screens showing the same character in an animated video game, and one shows that they are
#MLB | Adrien & Plagg
two screens showing the same character in different ways