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Smoke + Lungs = Death Design, Vintage, Pub, Poster, Poster Ads, Graphic, Ads, Ad Design, Resim
Smoke + Lungs = Death - Funny
Smoke + Lungs = Death
the numbers are arranged in pink and blue, as well as an image of a bottle
Durex just posted this on facebook
Durex #ad #marketing #creative #poster #advertising #campaign #commercial #clever #communion #brand #branding
a lock and key with the caption you're not my type, but i love it
funny illustrations
two white circles with pink bows in the middle on a black background that says,'gender equality now '
Poster for tomorrow_equality gender now
Poster for tomorrow_equality gender now by Aurora Deltell, via Behance
a woman's face is shown with the words trouble seeing gender equality
Poster for tomorrow
gender equality poster
a yellow light bulb with the words, please turn off the light and leave energy
GreenBerets Going Green
GreenBerets Going Green by Jerry Ghazal, via Behance
the logo for step on it, which features an image of a foot with leaves
Carbon Footprint Poster: Play on words
the cover of going green, featuring a leaf and foot print on it's side
Airports Council International - Going Green
Airports Council International - Going Green by Carolyn Belefski, via Behance
two bottles with liquid in them and the words gulp drip don't drink & drive
Don't drink and drive. #creativeads
a black and white photo with the word dri on it
Drink or drive?
Drink or drive?
a card with the words don't just enjoy live on it
Dit leuke kalligrafie text-tje is heel leuk om te maken😘👌🏻😂🦄💜
a hand holding a ball over a pile of money with people running around it and the words,'corruption is a trap '
[anti]Corruption Posters
four different types of umbrellas with money coming out of them
There is an ongoing discussion about what development aid is, what it should be,… / Pro Photo Blogger
There is an ongoing discussion about what development aid is, what it should be, and if it actually helps. Check out our cartoon collection on the subject: www.cartoonmoveme...
an image of two people eating food with the caption'the world is in africa '
corruption on Tumblr
corruption | Tumblr
a wicker lounge chair with white cushions on an isolated pedestal, against a white background
Accent Chairs
Sativa Rattan Swivel Chair | Bohemian Chair | Belle Escape
a drawing of a hand holding a book with buildings on it and trees in the background
We just not motivated to stop until we are laying in ash heaps wailing .... see ya there folks .... !
an hourglass with trees and buildings in the sand under it, on a beige background
an image of the earth with animals on it and trees growing out of it, as well as words that read eco x eco
Calgary is Green - Ideas on the Environment, Recycling, and Sustainability
Reduzir, Reciclar e Reutilizar para um mundo mais sustentável :))
two people standing on top of a cliff next to a bottle
Anti alcoholism posters on Inspirationde
Clever use of space between the for the "gap" to be shaped like a bottle of alcohol. The blue color scheme creates a dark mood and enhances the negative effect of alcoholism.
a black and white poster with the words stop child labor, start education written on it
some children's lives revolve around repairing shoes instead of slides info graphic
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Against Child Labour - Poster Ideas for NIFT | NID| CEED Design Entrance Exams
a child's drawing with the words, choose your steps and help stop child labor
poster for child labour
Image result for poster for child labour
an image of a tree with roots and the word india written in gold on it
#Unity in Diversity rooted in The Idea of #India ~ Unity in Diversity, #unityindiversity @ Incredible India, #incredibleindia #india #loveindia : via @sunjayjk
children are standing on ladders to reach the earth with their hands in each other's pockets
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16 octobre 2016 - Il était une fois le futur de l’alimentation et de l’agriculture. L’Organisation des Nations Unies pour l’alimentation et l’agriculture (FAO) organisait un concours d’affiches invitant les enfants et les adolescents du monde entier à donner libre cours à leur créativité autour du thème de la Journée mondiale de l’alimentation 2016 « Le climat change, l’alimentation et l’agriculture aussi ». Voici les lauréats. Félicitations à tous les enfants qui ont participé à ce concours !
a group of people sitting in front of a tree while one man is giving a presentation
International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit trafficking. Anti Smoking Poster, Drug Free Posters, Drug Addiction, Anti Smoking, Drug Free, Drug Design
International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit trafficking.
a black and white sign with the words solution, noilintod on it
slow ottawa on Twitter
two cartoon images, one with an empty bottle and the other with fish in it
Help 😓
a woman standing next to a large clock with water drops on it
people-look-at-posters-advertising-to-save-water-on-the-world-water-picture-id110678864 (1024×681)
an oxygen tube is connected to the foot of a person in a hospital bed, with a bottle of water next to it
Save earth for best
two black birds are looking at each other in a glass vase filled with water and the words save water
Save Water - Poster Ideas for NIFT, NID, CEED Design Entrance Exam
a cartoon drawing of a boy standing in front of a sign that says, put them in classes not in tea glasses
Stop Child Labour - Poster Ideas for NIFT, NID, CEED Entrance Exam
an image of a man spraying money into the air
poster on swattch bharat
Image result for poster on swachh bharat
Chaz Maviyane-Davies_No More Hunger Nice, Graphic Design, Conceptual Drawing, Non Objectivism Art, Creative Poster Design, Graphic Poster Art, Graphic Poster
Creative Defiance | The Graphic Design of Chaz Maviyane-Davies
Chaz Maviyane-Davies_No More Hunger
a black and white image of a female symbol
Poster for tomorrow
Discrimination |Tomaso Marcolla Italy
an image of a pencil with the words working on medication written in it and a hammer sticking out of it
30 Mind Blowing Posters Against Child Labour
Posters Against Child Labour
a poster with the words, trash bins are full but stomachs are empty
stop the hunger by Smangii on DeviantArt
stop the hunger by on @deviantART
a black and yellow poster with a bird in a cage
I think in a way we already have a limitation with freedom of speech because of the consequences what you say can cause. If people speak to freely online or on social networks it could hurt your representation. For example recently in the news there have been stories about racial issues with colleges and fraternities which is one of he downsides of freedom of speech. On the upside people can use their freedom of speech to protest social issues.
Poster On ~Save Girl Child~ by megamindmaan Funny Quotes, Education Quotes, Respect Women, Respect, Quotes For Kids, Education Quotes For Teachers
Poster On ~Save Girl Child~ by megamindmaan on DeviantArt
Poster On ~Save Girl Child~ by megamindmaan